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walkin' trails
10-24-2010, 16:09

I am fighting the urge to attach a couple of + 1 magazine extenders onto my G23 mags. My only concern is the springs. For such an application, do you recommend stock Glock springs, springs for G22 mags, or Wolff extra power springs. I have had good experience with the Wolffs in standard capacity magazines. I know I could just use G22 mags, but the 23 mags with the extenders look so much better and seem to be slightly more pleasing to the grip.


10-24-2010, 20:27
Glock factory pistols use the same magazine spring with or without a +2.

You can a Wolff +10% spring if you like but it is not required.

walkin' trails
10-26-2010, 20:13
Thanks so much.