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jp 19
10-24-2010, 19:28
anybody have the BlackHawk Knoxx CompStock?
I prefer the traditional style stock... does it work as well
as the special ops? is it a short LoP? do they now put a sling
stud on it? is the fore end the shorter type?
This would be for a remy 870.


10-24-2010, 20:28
It does not work like the SpecOps and does not take as much recoil as the SpecOps. The comp stock has only one cam system in it. The SpecOps has a cam spring in the pistol grip and a spring in the stock tube so it has two recoil reduction systems.

The SpecOps adjust for length of pull. The Comp stock does not. The comp stock is a little more difficult to shoot and you really have to keep your face back at the rear of the stock as it will pull face hair out like a pair of tweezers.

I don't know if it comes with that Black Hawk forend or not. It is not a very good forend and I am stuck with about 50 of them and can't even sell the crap things for $10 on GB.

10-24-2010, 20:38
That's kind of a bummer. I like the more traditional/sturdy "look," too, but if it just doesn't work as well, so be it. Sounds like it'll be a SpecOps stock, for me.