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10-26-2010, 23:36
O.K. I know this is an often asked question. But here we go. Awhile back I bought a CPO SIG 229R 9mm. It's been a great gun. I don't know how many rounds I have through it. I always use a good gun grease on the rails and barrel. The frame rails on both sides are a bright silver. The barrel itself looks like it is stainless. All the black finish is gone. As I said I keep the gun cleaned and lubed. never had a problem. But thinking about the barrel the other day being silver made me wonder. Should I be concened? It rattles, it's got silver frame rails, silver barrel, but still is totally rliable and very accurate. So what do you think? Sorry can't post pic's right now.

10-27-2010, 16:15
If the barrel is 100% silver, it must be stainless or a carbon steel barrel 'in the white'.
When blue Sig barrels wear, there is a very distinctive pattern, it starts on top about 1/4" from the muzzle with a crescent shaped wear area that tapers off toward the breach, when it gets real bad, you will be able to feel a slight dent at the muzzle end of the wear, where it locks up with the top of the slide.
The frame rails being 100% silver is unusual, maybe it's from the CPO process, they might stone any burrs out.
As long as it locks up fairly tight at the muzzle and breach and shoots well, I would not worry.
Some frame to slide play should be expected, even on a new gun.
I like Slide Glide lite on my Sigs, heavy grease will slow down your slide too much.

10-28-2010, 16:47
I would follow the instruction by GrayGuns below to be sure and lubricate as stated.