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10-28-2010, 17:51
hi gap fans,
more gap brass can be found at:
club sells brass for junior program..............danglock

10-30-2010, 01:48
Just wanted to add that I had two deliveries of gap brass yesterday. Both vendors were top notch. was $7/100 for nickel plated (less for brass, but they were out). Paolo is the contact there. I'd pester him weekly till it got in stock, he gave me a heads up. Shipped quickly and it was well sealed and packed. No mixed headstamp all Win nickel.

The second was from an link that was posted here earlier. Deryck at supplied me with brass Speer GAP cases. $50/1000 delivered. Once again, no mixed headstamps, no dinged up cases, no corroded cases. Shipped fast as well.

All in all two good suppliers I would be happy to do business with again. No relation other than as a buyer of gap brass.