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Doc Holliday
10-29-2010, 22:06
Found and purchased a 2nd Gen 17L in excellent condition.
I am wondering if the smooth trigger (without serrations) was OEM on this model.

GLOCK 17L, serial number is ST7xxUS, which was made in Jan of 1991.
I got it today, took it home and could not believe my eyes when I opened up the case. :shock:
This gun looks like it just came out of the factory yesterday. EVERYTHING looks brand new. I noticed the extractor spring assembly and the '-' connector are both black, that's got to be a good sign that everything is original inside. The trigger is smooth and without serrations, I wonder if that is original as well, or if it's been replaced? The trigger bar assembly is shiny.

Could this be the original lube from 19 YEARS ago?

The 2nd Gen grip looks BRAND NEW, no wear AT ALL:

Funky looking slide stop lever, with that pointy tab sticking out:

Here she is, all cleaned up and reassembled:

10-31-2010, 20:15
Nice gun! Great find.
Every 17L I ever seen was issued with a smooth trigger. Its no big deal to install a serrated trigger but I never seen that option offered at the factory level