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10-30-2010, 13:35
Ok, lets say I own a suppressor, legally, that I obtained through a trust in State1. The property/address listed on the trust and the form 4 is in State1, and I am still in control of the address. However, my primary residence is moving to another state, where suppressors are legal, can I take it with me?

On the Form 4, it only says I need to notify the ATF if the address of the trust changes, and it is not changing.

I realize it's not a good idea to do this, and it could cause a hassle, but I'm asking to know if its legal.

Thanks, I appreciate the advice, I'll probably end of asking the ATF but just wondered if anyone here on Glock Talk had done this before, or knows the laws.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!

Zak Smith
11-02-2010, 14:41
For issues like these regarding trust interactions over state lines and NFA, I recommend talking to a lawyer. Worst case, notifying the ATF of an address change is not a big deal.