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CC Glock
11-02-2010, 18:23
Whos your favorite Hunter on the Outdoors channel. Mine is Michael Waddell but i also like Lee and Tiffany and Craig Morgan. I really dont care for Jackie Bushman much but hes ok. I could watch em hunt all day. I love seeing them freak out when they kill a big deer just like us even though they have killed hundreds. Just goes to show you the power of BUCK FEVER!!!!

Ohhh Crap how could i for get my Uncle Ted.

11-02-2010, 18:53
+1 on Mike Waddell

11-02-2010, 19:03
Uncle Ted.

11-02-2010, 19:23
Not sure if he is an outdoor channel Guy or not but I think Tom Miranda is a good one. Wadel is high on the list. I also like David Blanton and "give me a minute" Stan Potts.

USMC Medic
11-02-2010, 21:17
Marcus Latrell

Dennis in MA
11-02-2010, 21:31
None of them. Not only does it require a super-massive Sports package to get it on Comcast here. . . when they run Fios on my street, it will only be carried on the super-massive Verizon sports package as well.

The best I can do is Spike and VS. :(

11-02-2010, 23:11
That is a no brainer
Tiffany Lakosky

CC Glock
11-03-2010, 09:08
That is a no brainer
Tiffany Lakosky

She's smoking isnt she!!!!!!

11-04-2010, 14:41
That is a no brainer
Tiffany Lakosky


I also like Larry Weishun

Dennis in MA
11-27-2010, 22:23
I wanna change my vote: I somehow caught an episode of Benny Spies. :rofl:

That's a cool show. I've got it DVR'd now. I even watch the repeats. LOL