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Navy Gunner
11-02-2010, 22:45
Thinking I will build another 1911, thinking I would like a double stack, commander length slide.

Items of debate:

Cal; thinking about .40, .38 super or 9mm as the smaller bullets come into their own in a double stack gun.

Frame; Caspian or STI?

Cut frame or not for (Nowlin Wilson cut)?

Looking for opinions, tell me what you would build and why. This could be fun.

11-02-2010, 23:11
Why would you want a doublestack w/ a commander slide? Not judging just curious.

Navy Gunner
11-02-2010, 23:39
Have always liked the 4.25 guns and only have one right now...Or why not:)

11-03-2010, 05:07
I would use an STI frame, because more parts available.

I would also get the W/N ramp cut so that you would have the correct feed ramp geometry for the caliber you are shooting.

Infinity has a slide with interchangeable breechfaces, so you can have multiple calibers for the same frame and slide.

11-03-2010, 07:29
I would wonder about the double stack, commander configuration. It might be a passing fancy for you.

I don't think the ramp style will matter, some gunsmiths have a preference and I would let them decide. I would go STI for a carry gun or for anything smaller than a 40S&W. It is lighter than a Caspian. If you like a heavy gun, go Caspian. As far as the slide goes, I would get one from the the same people that make the frame you decide on; it is just easier, and I think a matched set from one manufacturer makes a better impression for resale.

Navy Gunner
11-03-2010, 10:48
Quack - Infinity slide. That is an interesting concept.

1006 - I will be the builder on the project and the double stack is still up for debate but the Commander size is simply a preference (have a number of 5" guns and only one commander, a Ti Caspian in .38/9mm). I am torn between a LW (alum frame) in .45 or a double stack in a smaller cal. Only have funds for one build this year.

11-05-2010, 20:20
Sounds like you may with to start out with something like one of these, and then do some upgrades.

11-06-2010, 02:35
Over the years, I've had 3 Caspians, 3 STIs, and one SV. They were all really good guns. Here is something to consider between the two. If you like a more traditional "styling" (for lack of a better word), then consider the Caspian. You can get wood grips for them (though choices are very limited). Also, you can get an EGW front strap checking piece welded on. On the down side, the front to back measurement of the grip is longer on the Caspian, and doesn't feel "right" in some peoples hands. Another thing to consider, the Caspain will fully detail strip a little easier. To get the trigger out, you need to disconnect the "grip" on the STI/SV.

On the other hand, the STI has a lot more options (aftermarket support). Also, you can mod the grip to custom fit your hand or buy one that has been modified. There are also more mag options (different lengths) and aftermarket magazine support (followers, basepads, etc). The STI will have a shorter grip if you do not add a mag well, which would make it hide easier, and of course will be lighter in weight. In my experience, STI has FAR better customer service than Caspian.

One last consideration, I THINK the Capian frame will fit in a traditional 1911 holster, whereas the STI requires a specific holster for the wider dust cover. Hopefully someone here will confirm this. I only have one Caspian left, but it has a dot sight on it so I couldn't check to confirm this.

Personally, I'd opt for STI.