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Arc Angel
11-03-2010, 04:32
Hello JR!

It's been awhile since we've talked; and I'd like to ask for your viewpoint: On Monday of this week I purchased the first new Glock I've picked up in more than 6 years (and promptly placed a pretty good-sized order with Lone Wolf for everything else I need to go along with it).

The pistol is a 3rd generation, Glock Model 19 with beautiful scalloped (fish scale) slide serrations and an RTF2 finish. (I'll never understand, 'Why' the factory decided to stop producing this design? Up close and personal it's actually quite attractive!)

Here's the problem: The pistol is shooting 2 inches to the left at 7 1/2 yards, and 3-4 inches to the left at 12 yards. At and beyond 20 yards it's hitting to the left and slightly down outside of a 6 inch circle. I ran a good 50 rounds through it before I handed this brand new Glock to another instructor; (Who, probably, shoots a little better than I do.) and, try as he might, he got exactly the same results.

Next I took my new Model 19 over to Chuck Lutz's gunshop, (Chuck is the gunsmith who initially laid out and ran Kimber's pistol plant in Yonkers, NY.) Chuck had my brand new Glock fired by his Range Safety Officer with, not surprisingly, the exact same results! Because of the high degree of shot dispersion to the left and slightly down, moving the rear sight in order to correct this problem has been ruled out.

Before screwing around any further with this thing, I'd like to ask your opinion on how best to proceed? In a couple of days the first of 3 Lone Wolf orders is going to arrive here; and the way things are, now, I'm not going to have a straight shooting Model 19 to install them on/in.

What relatively little experience I have with Glocks indicates this problem is, probably, caused by some sort of barrel misalignment. I suspect it's coming from either the barrel locking lugs (feet) being somehow off, or from the slide stop being slightly canted, or (maybe?) as an accumulation of such errors. (I could be wrong; but, this is what I suspect.)

Any input you're able to provide on my new, 'problem child' would be appreciated. (No, I won't be returning any of the parts I just ordered from Lone Wolf. Right now it's either figure out how to get this, otherwise, beautiful little pistol up and shooting straight; or else it's going to morph into another brand new 3rd gen. G-19!)

This thread is not meant to, 'bash' Glock. My new pistol ain't all that bad. In fact, through its first 100 rounds it didn't even hiccup once! (Very unusual for any brand new pistol; but, maybe, leaving my new magazines fully loaded overnight before I went to the range might have helped.) Thank you.

11-04-2010, 11:37
Take a good look at the locking block surface and barrel lug. Do you see any unusual wear towards one side or the other?
Look at the front of the pistol where the barrel exits the slide. Does the barrel seem to be pushed to one side? Any unusual wear marks on the barrel?

Arc Angel
11-04-2010, 19:31
Thanks, JR!

I'm going to run a few hundred rounds through it tomorrow and will be looking for exactly the things you've mentioned.

(By the way the first part of my recent order arrived today - Nice stuff! Really fast shipping, too.)