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11-06-2010, 04:05
I recently purchased a remington 870 tactical express shotgun. I will be using this for home defense and if shtf. I was on your website browsing and you have alot of great info on there by the way. As you know the 870 express tactical has the tactical choke tube. Do you think I should replace that with a improved cylinder choke to cut down on the overall length of the weapon? And the factory stocks lop is a little long for me. I don't know if I want to go with a knox stock or not what other options do I have. If I install a sling adapter to the stock this also makes the lop even longer. I'm also heading to the hardware store for a couple of 7/16th hardwood dowels and some steel wool. Thank's

11-06-2010, 13:58
Yes, loose the Tactical Tem Joke tube and install any standard Rem Choke. I/C, Modified anything but what is on there.

If the SpecOps is not to your needs you can go with a 13" LOP Remington LE stock with R3 pad. This pad is great and this is the stock I feature for on my favority model the HD/Duty. If money is easy then the Mesa LEO with Endine Buffer is the best out there for reducing recoil and the LOP is adjustable as it is an M-4 type stock. There are other brands of reduced LOP out there also.

I don't like the sling plates. I prefer the Mesa single point for weapons that may require a single point and just plain ass quick detach studs forward and back for a sporting type shotgun that you would want a two point on.

There are links on web for the accessories I mentioned about and they can also be found on most any firarms accessories site.

11-06-2010, 15:33
Thank you Aippi for the quick response. I will be loosing the tactical rem choke. Do you sell the 13" lop remington le stocks? Thank's again

11-07-2010, 04:34
Aippi I will be sending a money order out monday to order a few items from you. I will stay in contact. Thank's for the help