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11-06-2010, 09:08
I have been a big fan of Timney triggers for years and I use them every time I build a precision rifle. So it is with much regret and disgust that I am having to write this. In September of this year I built a Larue Stealth SPR and of course I ordered a Timney trigger for it from my favorite online vendor (PK Firearms). I received the Timney trigger from PKF on 09-24-10 and it looked like this;

So I call Paul at PKF and he has me send it back and he sends me another that looked even worse! It looked so bad that I didnít either bother to take it out of the package, here it is;

So I call Paul back and after speaking with him I come to find that all of the hammers he has are like this and he pointed out that the triggers are different than the other ones I have ordered. Timney changed some things such as doing away with the hard engraving on the gold anodized housing for a cheaper laser engraving and they are now burning an engraving on the hammers with a laser. Now no one has confirmed too me that they have changed their plating process but I think that will be clear to you buy the end of this write up. I would also like to point out that this is in no way PKF's fault and Paul went above and beyond. Thanks Paul!

So I contact Timney and explain my problem and they said send it back and we will make it right. So I send them the 2nd trigger back and they ship me another one and it looked a little better but it didnít look anything like the hammers on the triggers I have bought previously. So I contact their General Manager and start dealing directly with him. I asked him why the plating looks so bad he said "sometimes they look great and sometimes they donít.Ē I explain the problem and the fact that I am out two return shipping fees and he reluctantly sends me a return shipping label and a new trigger group. I say reluctantly because he told me that his problem was that the issue I have is purely cosmetic and the function is not affected. I asked him if the function is not affected then why do you nickel plate them? He responded by asking me what my address was. So I decide to make a comparison photo for their GM to look at and here is a picture of it;

I think the differences between them are quite clear. The most disturbing part of this revelation is they evidently use them no matter what they look like and they donít seem to care either.

So I wait another week for it to arrive and it is no different, in fact I kept the one I had and sent the new one back since it was the worst of the two. I donít have a picture of this one because my wife had the camera but you can probably imagine by now. So I contact their GM again and told him they arenít getting any better and he says he will have hammer made especially for me but I will have to exchange the hammer out of the unit I already have. He then tells me this is the last time he will deal with this! I guess this is somehow my fault at this point.

Now I am waiting to see my 5th hammer which arrived yesterday and this is the last straw! Seven wasted weeks trying to resolve this and look at this sorry excuse for a nickel plated hammer they sent me!

I sent him an email asking for my money back. I will update this thread when I get a response. Just in case you have not seen what a Timney trigger is supposed to look like here are my two other ones I have;

I hope by writing this article I can save some of you from having to go through this BS. I have had a couple folks tell me I am being to picky but I don't expect to have to pay the same price for a product that has been downgraded.

Timney used to be the only game in town if you wanted a drop in trigger unit and there quality was second to none. Now that there are multiple manufactures making drop in modules I am guessing Timney lost some market share and some bean counter decided to cut corners to make up some lost revenue but they are dead wrong! Diminishing quality will cost them even more lost revenue and repeat customers like myself.

11-06-2010, 10:26
It may look different, but how does it shoot? Isnt that what really matters?

11-06-2010, 11:13
It may look different, but how does it shoot? Isnt that what really matters?
I didn't install it. When I saw the hammer I sent it back thinking it was a QC slip but when I got the second one and it was worst than the last I knew there might be a problem so I went directly to the manufacturer. After several dealings with them direct I have concluded that this is just the way it is with them now. Quality of workmanship was my issue here and not the function. I use Timney triggers because of there quality in craftsmanship and function, they go hand in hand. When I see the craftsmanship and attention to detail go I know there are more than likely other problems too and I want no part of it.......

11-06-2010, 11:58
Have you looked into the Chip Mccormick, drop in trigger? I've used them in the past with great results. I've in the last few years became a much bigger fan of the R/R 2 stage triggers. Once you get used to the 2 stage, it's great. Easy to install and a lot less $$. Cdog

11-06-2010, 13:42
For the price they should be perfect.. I am sorry but when you pay a couple of hundred dollars for a part that has $20 to $25 worth of machine work it should be built to the quality standards of a nice watch.. I still like my Rock River National Match triggers.