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doktor doom
11-09-2010, 18:20
I bought a 3" chamber .410 Winchester model 37 a while back, and have found the ammo quite expensive. It is primarily a new shooter training piece, a collector's item, and for rodent/ squirrel control. The birdshot is expensive enough, but buckshot shells are over a buck a pop! (maybe that's why they call it BUCKshot :whistling:) I like to keep some around for "just in case."

My question: I have seen these "handgun" .410 shells, I'm guessing for the Taurus Judge type guns, and they are priced quite competitively. Can I shoot these through my crackbarrell? They come in #4 and OOO 4 pellet, and are a 2 1/2" shell.

What say the Glocktalk brain trust?

11-09-2010, 18:46
I sold my Judge so I shot 2.5 inchers you are talking about in my H&R single shot .410 with no problem, they are or have come out with some .410 "handgun 3" buckshot also.

11-09-2010, 22:09
I've put three different new .410 Buck loads through a little Mossberg pump, they may or may not pattern in your gun but they shouldn't hurt it at all.