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11-11-2010, 08:02
Many of you on this board know me but for those who do not, I want to introduce myself.
My name is SFC Chuck Parker. I am an Army Reserve Career Counselor and have been a member of GT since 1999. I have done 2 tours in Iraq, 1 as a Combat Engineer 12B/21B and one (2009) as a Retention NCO with ARCENT ARA COB Speicher in Tikrit.
I have 3 main jobs.
1. Reenlist Soldiers currently in the Army Reserve.
2. TRansfer Soldiers from the IRR to a Select Reserve Unit.
3. Career guidance and Officer/ Warrent Officer Direct Commission packeting.

If you need guidance in any of these areas and are not getting the support you need please call or email me immediately.

Now IRR Soldiers special note:
I would imagine if you are in the IRR you have been getting pounded this time of year with emails, calls, and letters, asking you to join a Reserve Unit. Briefly, the reason for this, is the Army Reserve needs your leadership and experiance. If you're in the IRR you are likely in your MSO time for 1 to 4 years of your remaining 8 year contract. If you choose to come over and drill with a Unit it DOES NOT extend your contract you simply move from a Non-paid Resevist to a Paid Reservist.
What many IRR Soldiers don't know is; if you dont like it, you CAN transfer back to the IRR.
ANYTHING you do during your MSO is voluntary, there is NO NEW CONTRACT.
There are many benefits to the Transfer but the most sought after is the 24 month Mobilization Deferment. This is from the DOA and guarentees in writing that even if the Unit you join deploys, you will not. However you can choose to vacate it if you choose.
You can also change your MOS in the Reserve and if you choose to go back active duty at some point you carry that MOS as well. In addition, If you want to go back Active Duty the Reserve is a faster way to gain acceptance.

There is a lot of mis-information and high pressure sales tactics being used right now, I know, trust me, and you may view this post as one as well. That is not my intent.
My intenet is to offer you assistance or guidance without a high pressure sales pitch.
My goal is to transition qualified and experiance Soldiers (Enlisted, NCO's, and Officers)into positions in the Army Reserve.
If I can answer any questions, Please feel free to contact me by email at
or by my cell: 513-257-9753

I wont Bull**** you, you have my word.


11-11-2010, 23:09
something else of worth to mention is that it is very hard to get back onto active duty as a prior service member right now, so reserves may be your only option.

btw, i'm currently on active duty and i still get pounded with emails from the local 79V's. good luck.

11-12-2010, 07:09
That is correct, right now Active and Reserve Components are overstrength so it is very difficult to go straight active from the IRR. You are kind of in an Unknown catagory while in the IRR. Active Duty and MEPS is a lot more receptive to taking someone from the Reserves right now, someone who is "attached" to a Unit and who is current on APFT/ HT/WT and other schools and is training regularly.
Getting pounded by ARCCs while on active duty. PM me and Ill send your info to HRC and have you removed from the IRR pool roster that is sent to us every 2 weeks. I will need some info though.

12-01-2010, 14:36
Just a Heads up, and WOW!!!![:O] this is HUGE!!!

DOA has Terminated the WTP (Warrior Transition Program)
What this means is if you are considering coming into the Army or Army Reserve from the Navy, or Air Force, and I believe the Coast Guard, you will have to go through Army Basic Training. They have Terminated the Transtition program period! Sorry guys but that is a fact now. MArines are still good (I believe).

If you are Prior Service Army in any capacity (AC, RC, NG) and you are considering coming back into the Army in any Capacity, If you have been out for more than 3 years, YES 3 YEARS, effective January 1st 2011, you will have to go back through Army Basic.
Ain't that some BS?
This is DOA policy now. Imagine that, send a Combat veteran back through Basic Training..........

The ONLY exception to this is if you are currently in the IRR, you can still transfer to the Army Reserve ( and later to Active Duty or AGR) and not have to go back to basic. Even if over 3 years (for now?????) because you are still considered a Reservist while in the IRR and it is just a transition from a Non-paid to a paid status.

Just a heads up


12-09-2010, 09:51
Just a Heads up, couple of things changing right now in the Reserve.
1. Bonus review and SRIP change expected in Jan 2011. This means we will probably be getting another Bonus reduction for MOSs and some MOSs will likely receive NO BONUS for reenlisting. This is due to MOS Overstrength. So if you are on the fence, you better see your ARCC asap!

2. Gen. Stultz wants to do away with the IRR, which means, if he does IRR Soldiers will have to pick a Unit or be assigned a Unit for Admin Support and for to report to for accountibility.

3. IRR Soldiers who transfer to an Army Reserve Unit and start drilling. The 24 month stabilization has been renewed again as a benefit to transfer. The AR sees you as a benefit for training other Soldiers and for that you do not have to be a direct mobilization asset.

Some good stuff and not-so-good stuff happening.


12-15-2010, 23:21
well i think im a little too old to go into the irr again. if the army wants me back , well i dont think they will pay me at my former rank, 05,
god to do basic training at 64, that would be something to see . i can however still fly rotors so who knows

12-16-2010, 20:35
Thank you for your service. I actually think that is different for Officers, however in your case...... sorry, 62 is the cut-off.
Well, unless we end up in Korea or Iran...........:wow:

01-19-2011, 12:29
Sergeant Parker,

Though I am already enlisted in the Army as Active Duty, and waiting to get out of DEP, I still appreciate your updates on whats changing on the inside.

Keep up the Great Work. Hooah!

01-26-2011, 20:44
Just a reminder I am still around.....

Any IRR soldiers out here considering a transfer?

If so call me, I will answer your questions and help you without being hasseled and bugged to death. We will work on your time.

02-01-2011, 17:46
Anyone interested in becoming an Officer or Warrent Officer?

There is a major push for qualifed Soldiers to put in a packet for Direct Commssion.

For Officers: GT of 110 or higher, at least 60 credit hours and be working toward a 4 year degree. You have to complete BA before you can be promoted to Capt. O3

WO: GT110 or higher an have a feeder MOS specialty. in most cases you have to be an E6 with BNCOC before they will even look at you for a board.

If you meet this criteria or are at least close, contact me and Ill put you in contact with your local counselor if need be.

IF YOU ARE IRR cal, email, or PM me and I will assist you and explain the process. You will have to transfer first to a Unit with an Officer/ WO vacancy then start the process.

This is a major opportunity to Commission, a lot of opening.


05-25-2011, 16:30
Been awhile since I have been on here due to me being shooting so much and TDY over the last few months. I have been getting a lot of calls and emails with questions about the Army Reserve in reference to some of the above posts.
Please feel free to call me on my cell at your leisure. Sometimes its easier to answer your question on the phone rather than in an email, I hate to type...........