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11-13-2010, 15:28
After many years of perfect and 100% reliability, my G23 now fails to feed about 8 rounds per 200. The failure is always on the second or third round and it simply fails to chamber a round. No, I do not limp wrist it.
Now, I have a hypothesis: I bought 1000 rounds of Blazer aluminum 165 gr range ammo and that is when the problems started.
It is NOT the mags (happens on different mags - even two of the three new ones I bought last week.,
So . . . what do you think? Is it the week ammo?

11-14-2010, 22:31
You mention FTF. There are actually 2 types that are caused by different issues. Was the bullet tip stuck in the feed ramp or in the roof of the chamber?
If it stuck in the feed ramp the cause could be recoil spring or the ramp needs polished.
If it stuck in the roof or the chamber the OAL of the bullet need to be shortened or the chamber needs to be opened. (in this case I know the OAL of the cartridge is off because the factory Glock chamber is HUGE unless you have a new gun?)