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11-14-2010, 21:44
I'm typing this from my phone so I hope it's not a repost. I need an expert opinion. I was planning on buying a complete upper from a certain company with 16" barrel and carbine length gas system. The local "experts" started telling me that for a 16" I need to run a mid-length gas system. They went on to tell me that the carbine system is too hard on the rifle. I didn't really get specifics because I thought I was being messed with but something was said about a heavy duty buffer among other things. This particular rifle will be for HD and occasional recreation target shooting.

11-14-2010, 23:32
The mid gas system is easier on the bolt, extractor and carrier but, the carbine system has been around for a long time not to work. As long as the carbine is ported correctly it should run fine. If it ejects the case around 1-2 O'clock have the gas block port sleeved to around .062, that should slow the carrier speed down and move the ejection angle back to 3 O'clock or straight to the right.
If the 2 rifles were side by side and the same quality grab the mid -length.