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Agent Tikki
11-15-2010, 17:05
Planning a purchase of some primers, but I'd like to know what the differences between the Large Pistol Primers and Magnum Primers are. If I'm planning on doing some hot loads with 10mm rounds, would it be advisable to use Large Pistol Magnum Primers for the softer plinking target loads? The difference in price is negliable, $0.50 per 1000. I'm guessing just buying the magnums is the way to go....

11-16-2010, 07:49
Magnum primers have a stronger cup (to handle higher pressure) and higher brisance (a measure of their burning rate) than regular primers. In most powders, it will not make a difference. In general, I believe the rule is to start at a 10% lower load with magnum powders then work up. I do know that some powders are sensitive to magnum primers. For example, Blue Dot has pressure spikes with magnum primers, so the combination is not recommended. Other powders like AA#9 have no problems with magnum primers.
Before you buy the magnum primers, check to see what loads you will be using. If they use Blue Dot, I would look for regular primers.

Agent Tikki
11-16-2010, 11:34
Thx Lunker, I was planning on using Blue Dot with the #350s. That was really useful info.

11-16-2010, 12:13
No problem. I used to load 125 grain 357 magnum with Blue Dot powder and magnum primers. Alliant Powders has since put out a bulletin warning people not to use this load combination any more. I guess Blue Dot is more sensitive than most powders. When I am done with my jug, I will probably switch to AA powders. 800X is excellent for power, but has problems metering well.

Agent Tikki
11-16-2010, 12:26
I did come across that and was wondering to myself why the .357 magnum with that particular bullet was problematic, didn't think too much of it because I was not interested in that caliber. I didn't know it was attributable to the primer. Thx again!

11-16-2010, 17:30
I have used 350s with blue does that sound like dirty harry's .44 or WHAT!!!

(also - check out the fireball at the end of the pistol in my avatar - 155gr.xtp+max blue dot + #350s = (3) hairline case fractures (similes) that day (3 out of 30)...wished I would have chrono'd that batch. :supergrin:

Oh well, too busy hunting for that now! - but maybe later - I still have a whole lot of blue dot left.

In the old speer reloading manual I have, some loads are shown with #350s and some with #300s. I am almost positive that AA#9 is the only powder where 350s were part of the protocol - other powders just used #300s. At that point there was no mention of 800x in the manual for 10mm.

I have never found a bad batch of any brand centerfire primers (I'm sure they are out there somewhere), but I am of the opinion that the #350s push 800x loads faster, and that is primarily why I use them.

Agent Tikki
11-17-2010, 13:44
(also - check out the fireball at the end of the pistol in my avatar -

and here I was hoping BLUE dot would give me a huge blue flame flying out my barrel.....darnnit no truth in advertising it would seem >.< ne ways thx, and good luck with the hunting!