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11-17-2010, 19:31
I was at my local gun shop where I live to look at some carry guns. As I was looking around I noticed they had a couple old 1911's. What I had seen was two remington rand 1911s and one colt that caught my eye. When I was looking at it they allowed me to handle this fine firearm. I notice on the front of the slide, right side it looked like there was a type of stain on it. I asked the guy there what it was. He said the did some research on it and had it looked at by a pro of some sort ( didnt pay much attention to him as i was so into this 1911). My question is has any one heard of this or is it BS? Does any one have pics of this? Does anyone have one of these great peices of history. Also from what i know everything is original with this gun and has correct numbers on it. For those who want to know they wanted about $1600 dollars. If anyone has any info this would be gret as i am very interested. Thanks in advance.

11-17-2010, 19:46
Blood will pit a firearms finish but so will water and a host of other liquids.

11-17-2010, 19:49
Oh ok thanks for the info. I have never heard of had seen a fire arm with these marks until now. For some reason I have a big fasination with old 1911's. I may get that Remington they have there.