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11-20-2010, 15:21
So, while on my way to the store for the 10GA I talked about earlier, I ended up seeing this new (used) 870 Express Magnum. $200 some out the door, so I picked it up.

Problem is - it has the synthetic woodgrain looking stock, and everything I read is how "Limbsaver pads don't fit" and this that and the other thing. I plan on getting an 18.5" barrel with night sites for the wife, and I want it to be as tame as possible for her as she'll probably be taking it through a shotgun course in the near future, and I know shooting prone slugs and buckshot can really take it out of ya. Oh, and we're not all tacticool about the Knoxx.

So - should I get a grind to fit and have a gunsmith do that, or am I missing some part # that I can just order. I (she) don't /doesn't want a slip-on.

Thanks :embarassed:

11-20-2010, 15:41
Take it to a gunsmith he will not charge much for labor plus the cost of the pad. But it will be done right.

11-20-2010, 19:33

The Remington Supercell is made for the OEM synthetic stock.