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Okla-by God-homa
11-20-2010, 16:56
Can a 2nd Generation Model 22 be fitted with a newer ejector that indicates a loaded chamber? Also does anyone know anything about recalls or retrofits on this weapon manufactured in March 1992 (AAG S/N)?
Would love to have a rail system but see no way outside of buying a newer Glock.

11-20-2010, 17:48
If your slide is already cut to 15 degrees you have no problem installing the new style LCI extractor. Be sure to also install the LCI spring loaded bearing. See the factory & LWD extractors here: http://www.lonewolfdist.com/Search.aspx?TERM=lwd-1899
If your serial number begins with an "E" there was a recall regarding weak frame rails. I wouldn’t worry about it. If the rail breaks the gun will still function and you will discover it is broken when you disassemble it. The factory will warrantee it so no worries!
If you want a Gen3 gun sell the one you have and purchase it straight out. I have yet to see a kit that adds a rail and looks anything better than something stapled, glued or bolted on. You will not be happy, I guarantee it.

Okla-by God-homa
11-21-2010, 05:32
Thanks for the speedy reply and please excuse me calling the extractor the ejector. I know better and still typed the wrong thing.....I hate it when I do that.

I will be doing the disassembly today and checking for the 15 degree cut and I may even pull the one from my G27 just for a fit test before ordering.

11-23-2010, 15:01
The extractor will fit regardless of the cut. You can put a 15 degree extractor into a 90 degree slide, it just looks funny. If you decide to upgrade to a LCI don’t forget the spring loaded bearing