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11-20-2010, 21:17
I have had my g20 for quite awhile now and have never had any issues with it until recently. Several months ago I purchased a 6" LW barrel for it and have been shooting it with a lot of different loads both factory and handloads with great results, it seems to love just about everything I put through it. I decided to fiddle with it a bit and I got a LW spring and rod assembly. I got the new spring and rod put in and it was shooting great for about 30 rounds and then it started with FTF due to obvious light primer strikes. I checked it out and found the little allen head that captures the spring had unscrewed a couple turns. I tightened it back down and it shot great for another few rounds and then the lite primer hits came back. Checked the allen screw again and it was not loose. I could not find anything out of place. I even pulled it down (slide) and gave it a good cleanimng but it was not dirty at all. I put it back together and this time I put the stock plastic rod and spring back in and the same thing, a few good shots and then the light hits again. I then put the stock barrel back on with the stock rod and same deal all I get is clicks when I should be getting bangs. I am completely flummoxed and do not know what to look at next. If you have any advice on where to go from here I would apreciate it as this is by far my favorite pistol and I am going nuts trying to figure this prolem out. Thanks!:crying:

11-20-2010, 21:31
Sounds like you have a reloading issue. When you hear the gun go click you need to check the unfired cartridge for an off center hit. If this is true your slide is failing to go into battery. Now you need to verify your loads are fitting the barrel chamber. Simply drop the round into the chamber. If the rim of the cartridge sits about 1/16 below the barrel hood you are good to go. If it is deeper or taller you have issues to contend with.

11-21-2010, 09:01
Nope, not that. I have reloaded for this pistol and many other autos for years. In spite of that, the ammo was the first thing I checked just in case and it is right on, that and the fact that it does it even with factory ammo still has me befuddled.

11-23-2010, 14:59
Remove the slide and push the firing pin forward. You should feel the firing pin hit the firing pin safety. Depress the firing pin safety to verify the firing pin moves freely through the breach face.