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11-20-2010, 22:45
Planning to get a can to use on my G19 and G17.


Recommended barrel/attachment type? I'm assuming threaded is the way to go from what I've been reading, but interested in your input.

What brand barrel? Again, assume same manufacturer can be counted on for both lengths. Realize also I will be constrained by the tpi on whatever can I get. Just getting started here and would like some views from "real people" who have them.

Barrels all seem to be in the $140-range.

Suppressor brand? I am leaning toward AWC. I can purchase the suppressor and pay the stamp for the price of a similar Gemtech -- or so it seems to me. Gemtech worth the premium?

Any reason at all same suppressor won't be equally swell for the 19 and 17?

Uses are just casual -- shooting at the range and on the property, reducing muzzle blast for teaching applications, etc. Thanks for any advice.

Zak Smith
11-26-2010, 18:08
I recommend a thread on mount. There are the usual suspects for aftermarket barrels. I've had great results with KKM.

Also consider AAC. Their pistol cans work well.