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filthy infidel
11-22-2010, 19:54
My neighbor brought her laptop over yesterday, windows won't boot even in safe mode. Hiren's Mini XP won't touch the docs, the HDD freezes my PC and shows 0% used/0% free. It won't mount for a chkdsk /r either.
Turns out that, of course, every single picture she's taken since 2006 is on that bad hdd....with no backup.
My intention was to fix this for them gratis as a going away gift (they're moving to the down undah next month).

Well the data gods were smiling, I fired up Spinrite and it crunched for about six hours but recovered the data! I copied all data to a USB drive and reassembled the laptop and everything works fine. Tomorrow I'll give the laptop back with a shopping list for a new HDD and I'll clone it over before it fails again.

Nothing more, just wanted to share this good news!

Sgt. Schultz
11-22-2010, 21:56
Way to go ... Spinrite is a handy utility, I use it and/or EasyRecovery Pro for data recovery.

11-23-2010, 07:27
sweeeet. godo work my man

11-24-2010, 07:03
Good Job!

Glad to hear others have good results with data recovery.

The Data Recovery gods rarely smile on me... I have tried a couple of products, but no joy. I have pretty much decided to farm the work out these days... :whistling:

Perhaps I will take a look at Spinright. It's just - What do you practice on? Delete a bunch of files on a drive and go hunting them down?

Would be nice to have a Data Recovery *win* under your belt!

Sgt. Schultz
11-24-2010, 15:06
What do you practice on? Delete a bunch of files on a drive and go hunting them down?

I'm not sure that you can practice ... recovering data that has been deleted is a snap compared to recovering data from a damaged hard drive.

SpinRite is very good at bringing a damaged or dead hard drive back to life but can be VERY slow, I've seen it run for a weekend while Easy Recovery Pro will allow data recovery without repairing the drive in a fraction of the time.