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11-30-2010, 22:46
I am looking for a gunsmith in NE Ohio or western PA to checker the front strap of a new parkerized 1911.

I recently purchased a Rock Island 9mm Tactical FS 1911 and would like to have the front strap checkered at 20 lpi (to match my Springfield TRP) before we have it hard chromed or maybe Cerekoted. Since this will be an IDPA range gun (and not a safe queen) machine checkering is fine with me to save some money. I would rather not glue one of the Wilson Combat "cheese graters" on the front strap if I can avoid it.

Because of the cost, and rules for shipping handguns, I would rather keep the work local and deal with a gun smith located in north east Ohio or western PA so I can just hand deliver and pick up the frame instead of have to ship it.

Are there any gunsmiths you have dealt with that do good work, in a timely manner, and that you would care to recommend?

My email address is wmspdi@zoominternet.net