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12-06-2010, 12:05
Went to a gun show yesterday looking for mags for my new (old) 75 B. None, until a gentleman explained that the EAA Witness mags will work Sure as heck they do. Paid $25 a piece for them. I felt that was a good price because the best price I had seen was $80 for 3 mags. I got home and googled Witness mags and found more for the $19 range at CDNN sports for the CZ 75...

12-06-2010, 12:06
also check out mec gar , they are OEM for most pistols.

12-06-2010, 18:14
also check out mec gar , they are OEM for most pistols.
That's OEM for CZ's and many other's. Mecgars's are high quality.:wavey:

12-26-2010, 10:37
I have several mecgars's and they work without any problems. And they are pretty durable.

Pinoy Photog
01-08-2011, 22:31
Just an unsolicited FYI that you might use to advantage:

I got two Mecgar CZ mags for an incredible price and shipping
over at Trophy's Outdoors. I had to blink twice at the prices but
when the order came through I had to believe it already. :)

Products on order:
2 x CZ 75 Compact 9mm 14rnd Blue - $33.56 ($16.78 each) + $6.95 Priority Shipping
Model: MGCZ7514B

01-09-2011, 06:44
Just checked and they are out of stock. will have to check back. thanks for the info. the cheapest i was able to find was $21.00 for 16rd.

Pinoy Photog
01-13-2011, 22:06

The two Mecgar 14-round mags I ordered from Trophy's Outdoors for
$16+ a piece arrived today (luv that $6.35, 3-day Priority shipping)
and after wiping off the protective grease, I loaded them up to "set"
the springs prior to a trip to the range.

These have the "bare" metal floor plates (no rubber pads) and while
they do "shorten" the grip profile (great for CC), I also noticed that the
front lip kinda "bites" into my little finger. I imagine the friction would be
even greater under recoil, and I recall seeing a forum member tilt
the lip downward with a vise. If I don't find some Beretta-style narrow
pads soon, I just might go that "lip down" route, as it would definitely
"clear" some space for my little finger (I have smallish hands, so I
can imagine how much more pronounced the "lip intrusion" would be
for somebody with large hands or fatter fingers. :)