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12-06-2010, 13:48
T510, SL510, other?
Need tuff as tank.

12-06-2010, 19:03
T510, SL510, other?
Need tuff as tank.
I have a SL400 and a T410 and the main differences are performance. The T is a little more optimized and uses a Thinkpad BIOS.
The SL uses the BIOS from the Ideapad. Not a biggie.
The T series has a titanium lined outer shell and frame for the LCD screen, the SL only has a titanium shell.

I am very happy with my SL and my T but is you really, really want a tank than the T series.

I bought both new from the outlet.

12-06-2010, 19:09
Thanks L!

Eric SF
12-06-2010, 20:48
Any T series model. I'd get the SSD instead of the HDD, every Thinkpad I've had the hard drive went, no problems with SSD

NorCal Einstein
12-06-2010, 21:11
Any T series model. I'd get the SSD instead of the HDD, every Thinkpad I've had the hard drive went, no problems with SSD


I've used T Series/X Series for probably 8+ years now. All of my T Series had conventional hard drives, and they all eventually needed replacement hard drives after awhile (Partly due to my bad habit of picking the laptop up in a certain place which would pinch the platter). Other than the hard drive issue over time, the T Series have been tanks. I still have like 3-4 T Series which only need a dusting, and can still be used to this day.

I bought a X300 3+ years ago, and while it cost $3000, I still use it today. I haven't replaced anything besides the battery. Besides SSD durability (no spinning parts), the quick read/write times make a HUGE difference. It's because of the SSD that I can use this old 1.2GHz laptop, and still have it keep up with the newer stuff out there. Recently picked up a X200 with SSD and I fully expect that one to last me a long time as well.

You might see that Lenovo does charge a premium for the SSD option though. If you are technically inclined, or know someone know is...I would suggest the option of buying a Thinkpad WITHOUT solid state drive, and purchasing the SSD through a online retailer like where you can get a 128GB drive for around $200. Then you can clone the original hard drive over, or do a fresh install on the SSD and download all the drivers and finishing touches from Lenovo's website.

Back to your original question though, I'd take the T Series over SL.

12-06-2010, 22:25
Thanks guys!

12-13-2010, 11:35
I have two t400s and an Edge, i don't like the edge at all. I would stick with the T series and get a model with a screen size that fits your needs.