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12-06-2010, 15:56
Hey JR
Newbie to GT, although have lurked since last winter....Have a box of Corbon DPX +p in .45 that the shop threw in with the deal way back. Are there dangers in shooting factory loaded +p thru a compensated barrel?? Could not find anything in thank you in advance.

12-18-2010, 16:48
Good question. Try it & see.

Most if not all current production barrels will handle +P or +P+ ammo. Still, donít take my word for it, contact the manufacture for verification. LWD barrels are good to go.

Ported barrels are designed to re-direct the gas and shove the barrel in a downward direction. This action will provide a better sight picture and allow a faster follow up shot. The more gas you can provide the better the performance.... up to a certain point. If you have too much gas it will simply blow out the end of the barrel and provide more recoil.

Optimum performance will be achieved when the (available) gas is completely dispersed by the porting. Check out this pic and you will get the drift....
BTW: This is a LWD WearWolf top end performing a 100% gas dump. Virtually zero muzzle rise!

12-20-2010, 20:35
Thanks J.R.
Just love it when my 21C goes "bang" I will give them a go sometime.