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12-07-2010, 13:35
I recently bought an older CQC-7A online and like it very much, but would like to be able to open it a little easier with my left hand (I am a southpaw). It doesn't have the same relief cut the right thumb gets to open, and I was wondering what people thinkg the best way to make a slight modification to the grips would be?

I tried sandpaper to the grip piece after taking it apart, but it wasn't powerful enough. I know I can't relieve it very deeply because the liner lock is right under that spot, but just sanding or grinding away a little of the grip would help my thumb find purchase to flick the blade open.


Ernest Emerson
01-12-2011, 14:16
Dear drizzle,

Sorry but without some pretty major modification it would be hard to make the knife more lefty friendly. You do not want to compromise the lock integrity in anyway or make it too easy to unlock by accidentally hitting the lock bar.

Best Regards,

Ernest R. Emerson