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12-07-2010, 19:28
I'm trying to diagnose if I have a bad modem or router. Our wireless system has stopped working for a minute or two at a time, thus having to wait for it to come back up. The cable modem does it's typical thing of the send/receive lights going out thus not transmitting. I've unplugged etc. to restart the modem and it helps to an extent.

Today I went to TWC and got a new (cisco) cable modem, same thing happens. My wireless router is about five-years old and is a Lynksys RG54 (or something like that) wireless G router that's been flawless. Could this be a router problem? or did I just get another bad modem. Cable is hooked up to the same signal and works fine.

Any ideas? I am itching to buy an Apple Airport router anyway.

12-07-2010, 19:39
when you say 'stops working', do you mean that you're unable to access the internet from whatever device you have in front of you (desktop/laptop/other) ?

if you have another device on your home network this should be fairly easy to figure out.

when the wireless 'stops working', on whatever device you have in front of you, try and ping something else on your home network.

then try and ping something off your local network, like say, or .

if you can ping internally but not externally, then your wireless router is working ok, but it's your internet connection that's stopped working.

if you can't ping anything at all, then your wireless router is having a problem.

(double check that the other device on your home network actually responds to pings before testing during an outage)

12-07-2010, 19:46
Both desktop (imac) and laptop (PC) together on the desk accessing the net stop working when going to external sites. How do I ping internally? Wife's laptop upstairs also quits until I see the modem start flashing all of its lights. When it's not working there's only the PC, Cable, and the power light on the modem. No send/receive lights. Right now it's working.

12-07-2010, 20:01
i'm not sure how to get to the console on the mac, but you need to determine the ip address of it.

on the windows pc, just click on the start button
click on run
type 'cmd'
hit 'ok'
at the prompt type:
ping (other computer or web site)

your results will either say 'reply from (stuff)'
'request time out'

if you see reply from, then the ping was successful. if you see time outs, then it didn't work.

when you're done with your ping tests, just type 'exit' and hit enter. the command prompt window will go away.

from what you're describing thus far, i suspect you might be having a problem with wiring, either inside your house, or from the house to their equipment. but, it's good to rule out the easy things first (your equipment).

12-07-2010, 20:47
On the iMac you can ping the other computers on your network by going to;
Applications>Utilities>Network Once you launch that app, click on the Ping tab and put one of the other computer's IP address in the box.
Like kc8ykd said, it is probably a wiring problem. Or, your cable company might be doing local maintenance causing temp outages of service or something of a similar nature. Good luck

12-07-2010, 21:24
I replaced my Time-Warner cable modem and almost replaced my router when I had network problems.
My issue.
Clicking on a link or trying to go to a website sometimes took minutes. Sometimes the access was just fine and sometimes I thought my network was down. The problem was TW's DSN (domain Name Service) was bad.
So, say you want to go to Well, your computer has a DNS entry that says who you should ask to find
If the DNS entry is bad or non-existent then you get, in effect, no network access because your computer doesn't know who to ask.

The solution for me was to replace TW's DNS with's entry.
I don't know much about windows but somehow you need to change your networking from DHCP (Dynamic Host Protocol) to DHCP with fixed DNS.

Google's DNS is;

12-07-2010, 21:29
comcast just had a huge dns failure that affected most of the mid-west, actually.

either way, the pings will help us narrow down if the problem is local or remote.

if, during the next outage, the pings from the pc to the mac work, but the pings from the pc to yahoo, or google fail, we can try pinging to see if it is indeed a dns issue.

12-08-2010, 06:32
The cable modem does it's typical thing of the send/receive lights going out thus not transmitting. I've unplugged etc. to restart the modem and it helps to an extent.

Both desktop (imac) and laptop (PC) together on the desk accessing the net stop working when going to external sites

If the modem is repeatedly re-initializing (modem lights doing their 'countdown' sequence) then the problem is either the modem or the signal to it. As you have already noticed when the modem is initializing you won't have internet access (WAN), it doesn't have anything to do with your router. But you can easily eliminate the router as a problem by unplugging the router and plugging a PC directly into the modem. But it's not your router, and I think you'll find your LAN is still working fine, and since you have already replaced the modem I'd have to say it's a signal issue.

I would call the cable company and while on the phone with them they can check the signal levels to/from your modem to see what the problem is, and reset the modem from their end. It's likely either weak signal, too strong a signal, or they are working on something. But they usually make changes late at night or in the wee hours of the morning so they don't disrupt users as much.

My modem started re-initializing, sometimes every couple of hours. I called the cable company and as soon as I mentioned that my modem was constantly re-initializing they immediately responded that my splitter was "worn out". They didn't ask me any questions, didn't do any checking from their end, they didn't even tell me to reboot the modem, just an immediate response that my splitter was "worn out". Stop by the office and they would give me a new splitter for free.

I knew the splitter wasn't worn out, and their immediate response that the splitter was bad told me they knew something that they weren't going to reveal. The splitter I had was a 5~1000 mHz. The new one they gave me was a 5mHz~2.3gHz. So I swapped them and the problem did go away, for about a week. Then it started doing it again, so I removed the new splitter and used the old "worn out" one and the problem went away again. It's now been over two years and haven't had any more problems with my "worn out" splitter.

12-09-2010, 20:16
UPDATE: Last night I saw TWC (Time Warner Cable) trucks all over our neighborhood. About 1800hrs there was a guy behind our fence opening the cable box. He said there was a "Rogue Modem" (his words) that was causing problems all over the neighborhood and they were in the process of figuring out where it was. I had exchanged (counting the original modem) three modems in a little over 24-hours so it obviously wasn't me. The guy asked if I was ***** address and I said yes.

So shortly after this guy leaves, we have NOTHING. No cable, internet, Vonage etc. that runs through the cable pipe. I was in the awkward position of actually talking to my wife!!!!! :). Luckily we had an appt. for them to show up this morning, and they did. Long story short, they had to disconnect several homes to go thru the process of elimination to find the rogue modem, they just didn't follow through and HOOK US BACK UP!

So, end story, we have a big arse modem due to that's all the guy had, that's built for phone etc. Seriously, this is as big or bigger than a bible, or my WD 2GB backup HD! Positive note, my internet is running at incredible speeds! Problem solved.

Only other comment is that, it's scary to thing that some of these components can take a life of their own a degrade the system. It was not ours by the way...

12-09-2010, 22:04
with a normal 'rogue' modem, they can just deny it's mac address access to the system. in fact, they usually run a 'white list', basically only modems on the list are allowed access and all others are automatically denied. (this is why they have to record the mac addr and it sometimes takes a while for the modem to 'activate')

the guy on your block probably unlocked his modem and started screwing with the power and/or frequency settings, thus causing disruptions in your area.

glad it's working better for you now!

12-10-2010, 19:21
It is really working fast! I must say. I have the skyscraper of modems.