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Jack Worm
12-09-2010, 16:23
(I searched but came up empty)

What barrel lenght should I go with if bying a AR15?

The gun would be used as 1) a recreation gun for accuracy plinking out to 300m 2) and for some IPSC matches, the most important for me would be accuracy.

I own a Remington 700 Police in 26" .308 and I dont want the AR15 to be all that far behind (out to 300m anyway) when it comes to accuracy. But with such a long .308 it could be nice with a bit smaller 5,56 rifle :)

The options are 16 and 3/4, 18 or 20 inches.

Any input?


12-09-2010, 20:40
16" is by far the most popular length, you will gain apx 20fps/inch of barrel length so a 20" may be 80fps faster than a 16". If going with a 16" try a mid length gas system, if the rifle is over gassed like many carbines are it can hurt accuracy.

Jack Worm
12-10-2010, 03:42
And accuracy wouldt suffer that much from a 16 3/4" barrel out to 300m, just loosing a little speed and faster drop of the bullet?


12-10-2010, 21:04
Yes, that is the way I see it.