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12-11-2010, 23:40
i just picked up a Glock 21-SF. i havent shot it yet. initial impression are great. one issue is the slide release button. i have a past thumb injury (table-saw) that left me weaker and slightly numb. i know i will have issues releasing the slide. it is much burly-er than my other pistols.

i googled it and found an extended slide release option. is this a factory option/upgrade? or is this an aftermarket part? will it even help me?

tell me what you know, please.


12-13-2010, 19:42
There are a few extended slide stops available. AroTek was the innovator and introduced the Extended Slide Release (ESR) to the public back in '90. A few years later Glock Inc brought out their version

Both work excellent but may not be conducive to use with a damaged thumb. The easy way to find out is to visit your local range and take one out for a test drive? If you have a problem, the "sling shot method" may be best in your situation.