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12-14-2010, 12:08
I just went to the range with my new G17 3rd Gen. RTF2. I am shooting my own reloads. When I shoot the gun, all the brass is being ejected right into my face! It's like I am shooting a G.I. 1911. There was a guy there who shoots IPSC with a Glock and is an armorer, we tried everything. He had every part conceivable to trouble shoot this. We tried a different recoil spring, striker spring, extractor. He shot it with his ammo, no change. Why is this gun doing this?? This was the first trip to the range for this gun, just picked it up from the store yesterday. I did clean the gun prior to going to the range. Also put a storm lake barrel into it just to try everything. Only thing I haven't tried yet is factory ammo.

12-14-2010, 16:12
Try modifying your load to a different power factor. You will notice a change in the ejection pattern.

12-14-2010, 16:40
that's what I thought as well, but his load was completely different and his bullet weight was 147gr. compared to my 124Gr. but they ejected the same.

12-14-2010, 16:44
Remove the ejector and replace it with a new one. If that don’t fix the issue try a 40 ejector or a 10/45. Often enough, the fix to the issues is to keep changing parts!

12-14-2010, 19:30
my ejector has the #336 on it, but when I look on Lone Wolf parts page under OEM parts they show a different # on it, did Glock install a wrong ejector????

12-16-2010, 20:48
336 is the actual part number for the ejector.
The LWD website shows a different part number because you are looking at a trigger housing WITH ejector
FYI: Glock Inc does not sell an ejector only. They figure if you need an ejector you most likely need a trigger housing too.

12-17-2010, 04:36
Mystery solved. My reloads are under powered. I used factory ammo and the gun functioned flawlessly. I need to up my powder charge.

12-18-2010, 14:22
My first response mentioned above will fix the issue 99% of the time. That’s why I instinctively offer it.

12-18-2010, 20:12
took the gun out with new recipe and it shot flawlessly.