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12-14-2010, 15:29
OK, I have been trying to get ahold of an IR aiming laser and a light combo for my HK USP for ever now. I have been told that only LE / Military AGENCIES can purchase, not individual officers. This seems rediculous. I am a Deputy Sheriff and I have my agency's letterhead authorizing purchase and it is still a no go since the agancy is not purchasing it.

The issue I have with this is I have been to other forums that I am not a member of for reviews of different lasers in this category and TONS of people have IR lasers for their firearms. Even if they are all LE / Military personnel, how on earth did they get them on personal purchase?

I have looked into it and I know IR lasers are controlled by the FDA of all things, but I have found NOWHERE that prohibits individuals qualified to purchase from doing so. I am starting to think that it is the manufacturers that are making it a more stringent policy of not selling to individual officers, which is rediculous.

Does anyone have any info on this to help shed some light on the issue for me? If so, do any of you know of a source that will sell to LE / Military individuals? I would greatly appreciate it.


12-15-2010, 07:46
While it is not illegal for individuals to own IR lasers. It is not legal for manufacturers to sell directly to individuals only to agencies or depts even retailers ( Cop Shops) that buy form manufacturers can only have the products dropped shipped to the dept or agency. Most people that have IR lasers as individuals bought them form other individuals or from the depts that decided to sell them to them. it sucks yes but manufaturers do not want to violate this.

12-15-2010, 19:01
Awesome, thank you for explaining this ratsnest to me, I couldnt figure out why it was such an issue.

Thanks again, seriously.