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12-14-2010, 17:42
I just bought a NIB Glock 23 Gen4. Love the everything about the gun BUT I am having an issue when i reinstall the slide on the frame. The slide will get to a point where its almost on but not quite and will not go any further. I am definitely not new Glocks I have had a 21sf,17 rtf2, and 26 and have had no problems what so ever with any those. Also I have a friend that just bought a NIB Glock 17 Gen4 that is having the same issue. Not sure if this something that anyone has experienced before or something that may go away with break in. I am able to get the slide on usually on the third try. Thanks for any advice.

12-16-2010, 21:03
Sometimes this happens to newbees and they are actually hitting the ejector with the slide cover plate. I take it this is not your case because you have several other models and no issues. Don’t fret, I am sure you have a tight gun. When you run into the tight spot try pushing the trigger forward

12-18-2010, 22:06
Thanks for the reply. I was actually doing what you suggested before, just didnt know if there was something i was missing.