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The Retired Sarge
12-16-2010, 10:06

I put the NY1 trigger spring in all my Glocks as I simply like that pull. In all but one the NY1 spring snaps into the trigger mech. housing and stays put. On my 2007 Gen3 Glock 19 the OEM trigger housing seems different than the rest. There is no indent to snap the spring in-just a metal strip across the bottom. The NY1 fits into this housing but it moves loosely about. I have read that a trigger housing of this type should be replaced with one that will secure a NY1 spring.

I put a NY1 spring in this trigger housing and it seems to stay in place securely when the frame is assembled. Dry fire and live fire showed the pistol working perfectly. Is this good to go or could problems arise with this? Do you recommend just buying a new trigger housing?

Thank you,

12-16-2010, 20:16
I always prove every part change by running a few hundred rounds through the gun before trusting it. You seem to have done that HOWEVER I would recommend changing the trigger housing to one that allows the NY spring to lock in. I do not know how an unlocked NY spring could adversely effect the operation of the pistol but wouldn’t take the chance. Its too cheap a part to bet on.

The Retired Sarge
12-16-2010, 22:50
Thanks JR, I will buy a new housing. Bill

12-18-2010, 14:23
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