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12-16-2010, 16:10
I took the barrel assembly off of a S&W M&P15FT. The barrel and upper reciever has the M4 feed ramps. The upper has M4 on the front of the reciever. I'm going to rebarrel the reciever with a 20 inch goverment contour barrel assembly.
My guestion is, will I have to use a barrel with the M4 feed ramp, or will any barrel work.
Another question I have is, does the M4 feed ramp designation only refer to the upper, or is it a upper/barrel designation.


12-17-2010, 20:12
You will need a barrel extension that has M4 ramps unless you want to dremel them in. The longer ramps were first used on the M4 Carbine both the receiver and barrel is different from the rifle.