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12-17-2010, 17:24
I read the whole sticky for Vihtavuori powders. I'm not seeing any data with N-350 or 3N37.

Especially interested in load data for 135gr - 155gr bullet loads. Though any data with 180gr - 200gr bullets would also be welcome, as others may be interested.

I'll be using a 4.48" Storm Lake barrel in my G29.


PS - I've read and fully understand the meaning and reasoning behind the Sticky - All Forum Users Must Read This thread.

12-20-2010, 12:18
I tried 155gr Speer GDHP and 155 gr Hornady XTP with 3N38. Started at 13.3gr and went to 14.3 gr with 0.2gr steps. Well, N350 is one step faster than 3N38 (according to Vihtavuori table) so IMO you should start at 11.6 and climb to 13.0 to stay in safe area. Of course good new brass and clean barrel are obligatory and stay with CCI 300 LP primers, avoid magnum ones. Carefully observe each spent case&primer before continuing.
The same with 135gr bullets and 3N37 powder which is one step faster than N350.

I presume you have good full supported custom barrel, otherwise buy one, don't play with stock unsupported chamber. I have IGB full supported custom barrel - the same length as stock barrel in my G20.
My 3N38/155gr speeds: 13,3 gr/1400fps to 14.3gr/1500fps approx. These are my data at WINTER temperatures. Don't use it on hot spring or summer day.

IMO both N350 and 3N37 are too fast for 180gr&200gr bullets. My advise: go buy 0.5kg of N105 for them.

12-21-2010, 00:08
Thank You Very Much! That really puts me in a good ballpark area of where to start. Not to mention lots of good advise overall.

Specifically, I agree 100%, I won't be using the stock barrel. I'll be using the fully supported 4.48" Storm Lake barrel.

Thanks again,

12-30-2010, 15:10
Today I measured my 155gr/N350 loads from 11.0 to 12.0:
If you didn't load with N350 yet take a look at this:

Save yourself some time and don't load over 12.0 :embarassed:

12-30-2010, 19:05
Great info Robert. I was guessing N-350 would get too overpressure sooner than your results show.

It would be interesting to know what psi the loads were hitting at the 11.6gr/1465fps mark.

All in all, I'm really impressed with the results from 4.6" of barrel @ 25degF.

Also happy to see your N-350 testing didn't force your kevlar gloves to be put to the test.

Based on the way the velocities were increasing with each higher charge, it very loosely appears N-350 is a nice powder to work with in terms of never actually pooping out, or pressures appearing to superspike at any given point, one higher charge to the next. I hear some powders are tempermental that way (seems to me PowerPistol may be one that is more prone to being erratic at certain pressure levels, not sure). Anyway, I'm not suggesting to ever load beyond what's safe, just saying.

Good Shooting,

12-31-2010, 00:24
Yes, N350 measures very well. I am also satisfied with small deviations inside each string. This powder has small heavy granules. I presume it would work fine with 10mm/135gr bullets as well.
Beside that it is a great propellant for making good +P 9mm ammo:
both from Glock17 stock barrel at mild summer (June) temperatures. See my answer on 1st page/bottom: