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12-17-2010, 18:12
GLocK 30 SF

Does it come factory with EXTEND MAG RELEASE???

I just got mine and i want to get the extend slide release n the mag release as well but i just looked at my buddy newly purchase G19 and the factor mag release sits lower, way lower in his frame than my magazine release.

Mine is actually raised a good few MM higher...

Its funny cuz i just shot it for the first time yesterday and the dam mag release would constantly scrap against my ohter hand as i shot it....i notice a lot of ppl mention to debur and sand the edges of the EXTEND MAG RELEASE.

so im just wondering if it comes with one already cuz i know the 45 GAP comes with the SLIDE releasse extended already.

this way i dont buy the same thing .....

12-18-2010, 13:52
No, the SF does not come from the factory with an extended mag release. If you have an extended release somebody had to install it. LWD offers an extended release for the large frame guns, see it here:

If you do not like the feel of your MR, I recommend you sand it down until it feels good. Its pretty hard to screw one up and they are inexpensive so who cares if you ruin one?

12-19-2010, 04:58
Ok. i was just wondering. Only cuz my M.R. was longer than my buddy's MR on his Factory G19


12-19-2010, 14:36
The G19 uses part number 287 for a standard MR
The G30 uses part number 1981 for a standard MR
The 1981 will fit the G19 and become an extended MR
Glock Inc does not offer an extended MR for the large frame pistols. LWD does, check out LWD-1982

12-23-2010, 23:00
ok...i took my gun MR apart and the number on that MR is 1035.....this gun is NEW like NOV 2010 new.....Oh that number u mention 1981 is that the number that is molded into the MR, that u are referring to?????

BTW there is a website that sells a EXTENDED GLOCK FACTORY OEM mag either they or you have it wrong......well i guess im gonna have to call up GLOCK and see what they say and i'll let you know.


12-25-2010, 14:46
The majority of the time, the parts that are molded, cast or scratched into a Glock part are not the inventory numbers.