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Alan Antopol
12-19-2010, 17:20

If the front sight of your Delta Elite Gold Cup sheared off, where would you buy a new one? What about a place selling new springs? Is the front sight easy to install or should it be taken to a gunsmith?

Thanks and Happy Holiday! Alan

Jason D
12-19-2010, 17:32
If it were the staked on sight, a new one would have to be staked as well.
You can buy the tool for it from Brownells if you wish.

It would be easier to have a smith do it.

Alan Antopol
12-23-2010, 22:00

Friend suggested I get night sights for the now "front sightless" Delta Elite. Any brands you recommend? Can a neophyte install them or do you need to have your friendly local smith do it?

Thanks and Happy Holiday to all! Alan

12-24-2010, 09:33
If you think you will need night sights, they might be worth it. They only last about ten years--then they begin to dim.

Colt, or any gun shop would probably stick a new front sight on the gun if you send them the slide.