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12-20-2010, 16:02
Just changed all my springs on my 2nd gen 21, question I have pertains to the firing pin spring. The old one(i'm assuming it's the original) is a good inch shorter than the new one. Is this normal? It seems to dry fire just fine, I just wnted to double check, thanks.

12-26-2010, 17:36
The old spring may have taken a set but it is hard to believe it would lack a whole inch in OAL? ....... WOW. The good news is, it still functioned!

Stuff like this only affirms my belief that the Glock pistol is the best handgun ever made.

12-26-2010, 18:55
Lol, I took it all back apart and it turns out it was only about 3/8", but it was still quite a surprise for me.