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View Full Version : Anyone have a Remington Shur Shot stock set?

12-22-2010, 21:04 Not really a tactical piece but I was wondering if anyone has used one and if they like it? I'm thinking of trying it out on my 870 Express Magnum. It would be used mostly for turkey hunting.

12-23-2010, 01:26
I have build weapons with this stock and test fired them. They set up nice and I like the pistol grip on them. I can see them being fine on a Turkey gun and yes, I can even see them having an application on a Tactical Shotgun. If you get a good price on one them for sure, try it. I would use one on my Turkey gun but I have turned into a whimp and use a SpecOps on mine as those dang Turkey loads are hot.

12-23-2010, 11:47
My buddy has a set on his 870 slug gun. Works well enough for treestand work; I'd think it would work just as well for turkey hunting. He wants to upgrade to a Remington PG stock. Shoot me a pm if you're interested in his set.

12-23-2010, 15:13
I just handled an 870 at the sporting goods store today that had the shur shot stock. It felt pretty awesome. Light as a feather too. It would definitely work for turkey or sluggin.