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12-22-2010, 22:16
Short on cash this Xmas but wanted something new so found the AmeriGlo U-Rap in my price range and ordered a set. I really wanted the Ghost Ring to try out for awhile but everyplace wanted too much $$ and I didnt wanna hear any Crap from the wife for spending $100 vs $69+shipping. I see how the rear could have snag issues but I also see that they offer many differant rear sights to swap around so if the issue does pop up then Ill get the rear Ghost or just a normal Operator rear for Bday in a few months.

Pros vs Cons would be appreciated and I am a newbie to the forum, but not to the pistol, this being my 5th Glock (22,23,23C,26,27) 27 is getting the sight system..

Thanks for any input, positive or negative

12-23-2010, 05:42
Dont presently know any one that is running one right now. So I guess it will be up to you to tell us how it does.

12-23-2010, 22:09
I will, as soon as I can, thanks

01-07-2011, 14:03
Got the sights last week, then sprung for the tools to install them since I got my wife new sights as well from a GT member for xmas. So far I like, never had a high sight like this, the sight picture is awesome, the front dot is a little bigger with white outline while the rear horse shoe look has 2 fine non outlined dots. I like everything about them so far. Only con is that the edges are really pointy and it will take some getting use to with my thumb on the draw (using clipdraw, no holster)

The MGW tool worked really ez on wifes 10+ year old G26 replacing old night sites but the factory reg + URAP swap on G27 was a tight fit. Tool made 4 wierd popping noises when it was near centered and I thought it was gonna snap the sight and break the tool. The GTool4 I believe for the front sight worked great as well.

The Ameriglo representatives I dealt with were awesome! They actually were negotiable in some areas which was unexpected from an internet site so it was very comfortable and ez dealing with them.

Gonna try to go to range and sight in this weekend and see how it goes-more to come...

01-30-2011, 08:47
Added extended slide release this week, never had one on any of my Glocks, what a feeling, what a change! Such a differance That I dont know how I ever got by without one! Buying one for the wife next..