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12-24-2010, 11:29
I have a 2nd Gen Glock 17L. Recently I have begun to experience a number of FTFs. I have tried multiple types of ammo and multiple magazines. The gun has not been modified in any way.

I took it out yesterday and nearly every round was a FTF. It was like the round was only getting halfway into the chamber from the magazine.

I have several Glocks and have never had this type of issue with any of them. I'm not limp wristing it.... Any ideas as to whats going on?

12-25-2010, 14:26
Start by cleaning & oiling the gun. Step up to a 124 or 147 gr load. If you still have a failure I would borrow a current magazine and lastly install a new recoil spring. If all this fails I would bet the failure has something to do with your grip & stance (sorry)