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12-26-2010, 21:55
I would like to add a 357 conversion barrel to my Glock 22. I know this is a very simple drop in conversion. I want to have an extended barrel length to maximize the velocity of the 357 sig round. I am not interested in having a threaded or ported barrel but would like a barrel length of at least 5 inches. I will not be shooting lead bullets through the barrel.

Would a Glock 35 oem barrel work in my G22 or do I need to use another manufacturer?

Is one considered to be the best or are they all of similiar quality?

I have been on most of the websites (barsto, stormlake, lonewolf, etc. . . .) Stormlake was the only one that I could find an extended 357 sig barrel on the website that wasn't threaded or ported.

Thank you

12-27-2010, 11:21
Your post is confusing but I will give it a shot?
Yes a OEM G31 357 barrel will drop into your G22 slide.
I think you want a barrel at least 5 inches in length, not rounds?
Glock Inc never made or offered a 5 inch 357 barrel so you will have to go aftermarket.
Aftermarket manufactures offer barrel lengths in 5.32" (G35) and 6.02" (G24) chambered in 357
The best barrel in the world is determined by the one telling the story. Every barrel offered will do what any other barrel claims. It is impossible to define a criteria in which to judge them, where would you start?

12-27-2010, 20:54
Thank you for the links. That's just was I was looking for.