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12-27-2010, 08:50
So yesterday I decided that it was finally time, ive wanted a shotgun for a while now but was doing research and wasn't quite sure what to get. after much debating I made my decision and took the plunge :wavey:
- Remington 870 Express 12ga 6+1 mag tube, tacstar side saddle is on the way. Got to shoot a few shells lastnight as the range was closing but I love it, Ive got 2 friends with mossy 500s and I just don't like the feel ( not to say there is anything wrong with them, just not for me)
heres a quick Iphone Pic ( nikon is being fixed) now time for more goodies :)
you never know, the zombies..
not too bad of a setup for a 20yo college student :cool:

12-27-2010, 11:21
Great choice. I too am an 870 man. The Mossy's are fine guns as
are others, but you can't beat an 870. Great setup on yours.
If you ever need any information or help on 870's go to J.D.'s
website ( and read some of the info. on 870's
as defensive weapons, very interesting and J.D. is a wizard when
it comes to the 870. He also answers here as Aippi.
Shoot and train with that 870 as often as you can, and enjoy.

12-27-2010, 12:31
You can't go wrong with an 870. Congrats!

Spats McGee
12-27-2010, 12:51
Good choice!

12-27-2010, 13:01
Congrats - excellent choice. From a Mossberg guy...

12-27-2010, 17:14
thanks guys, so far so good!
For now short term plans are tac star side saddle, streamlight TLR1s, and knoxx spec ops stock.after that i don't know what else if anything.
-Nutt51, just read the article about breaking in the 870, good stuff!

12-27-2010, 17:31
You picked a good one.


12-27-2010, 18:00
Nice choice. You have your shotgun and you need a rifle to round up your trifecta.

12-27-2010, 18:33
Crazy hooked up walther p22 is my toy, glock is my edc and 870 is HD

12-27-2010, 19:13
Great choice, congrasts OP!
I just put the final touches on my 870 Tactical, got a Mesa Tactical 4 shell sidesaddle and single point sling mount (I'm gonna run the same MS2 sling that I use for my M4) for Christmas and a used 870P Speedfeed IV-S pistol stock with a R3 pad that I purchased just before the holidays. The Forend is a Surefire 618FA.
I did all the break in and bore and chamber polishing as recommended on Aippi's website and it's been flawless.
I think my final tweak will be a modified choke as the breacher choke makes no sense for a civilian HD / tactical training gun. I'm signed up for a couple of classes at FAS this coming new year.

12-27-2010, 19:23
Sweet, can't wait till tomorrow, be picking mine up in th a.m hopefully. Nice shotguns

12-27-2010, 19:32
Thats sweet boxer. I think im gunna do the knoxx stock too though. I dont even mind the stock pad for now

12-27-2010, 20:43
Thats sweet boxer. I think im gunna do the knoxx stock too though. I dont even mind the stock pad for now

Come and shoot some 3-gun. Learn how to manipulate, shoot and load quickly before you put all that weight on the gun. You may find out you will be comfortable shooting without those things.

Resist the temptation to be one of those people who spends more money on gadgets than you do on ammo.

12-27-2010, 21:49
ya ive considered it, i still need to shoot mine on a full range trip and decide what i wanna do. what guns do you need for 3 gun?

12-27-2010, 21:58
I am another 870 guy. I have come full circle, started with an 870 Express, then on to the double barrel, then a semi-auto, and now I am back to the 870. This time I have two of them, both 870 Wingmasters(one in 12ga, one in 20ga).

12-27-2010, 22:09
^ thats cool, im fine with what i have, few upgrades and im good

12-27-2010, 22:16
ya ive considered it, i still need to shoot mine on a full range trip and decide what i wanna do. what guns do you need for 3 gun?

An AR would be nice but bring some .223 and someone will lend one to you.

12-27-2010, 22:21
ya ive never even looked into ARs, i gotta pace myself, just got into the shotgun world

12-28-2010, 20:18
congrats on the 870

12-28-2010, 20:29
Congratulations, great shotty.

12-28-2010, 20:52
well I went to the range and shot the 870 and the .22 today, first time really shooting off the shoulder and its probably gunna be sore tomorrow, but i guess part is to blame on me chosing 3" slugs and 00 buck for range ammo :)
- needless to say i wont be using those again for range sessions. but it shot great, 100 shells 100 bangs, could'nt be more happy.

12-29-2010, 02:21
Crazy hooked up walther p22 is my toy, glock is my edc and 870 is HD

You have an EDC and you're only 20? Were you in the military or illegally own/carry a handgun? :shocked:

Nice 870, glad you enjoyed your first trip with it, it will only get smoother as you work the pump and become more acquainted with the action.


12-29-2010, 09:00
^ lol nope, sorry i didn't mean carry, it rides in the car everyday and goes inside as long as im not in a public area, but at work it sits right in front of me and there are a few private business i have permission to carry in.
- as far as owning, my parents sign the papers, i can posess a handgun at 18 with parental consent, I will actually be a sworn deputy before im 21 anyways :)
- ya the 870 felt amazing, my shoulder dosen't though lol, nice bruise from that, but took it apart and cleaned it last night without a problem, ive got pics and videos uploading so ill post those up.

12-29-2010, 09:20
here are some pics and videos, First time really shooting so I claim no skill lol

12-31-2010, 08:41
So tomorrow is the gun show, idk if i want to find a knoxx stock and just that for now? or get a side saddle and sling and hold off on the stock?

01-01-2011, 02:58
From my experience, unless you carry in the woods for an lengthy amount of time, skip the sling all together. In every way you should/could use your shotgun at work, in HD, etc. There really is no need for the sling and only serves as a variant you probably have no use for when you need to maneuver that weapon.

Get the side saddle and a good recoil pad and you should be fine unless you want that tactical look.


01-01-2011, 17:46
ya i opted out on the sling, but picked up the tacstar side saddle today, love it. and got a sweet shirt from friends over at spikes tactical.

01-01-2011, 21:59

01-01-2011, 22:15
Congrats on your new Rem. 870. I have a Surefire forend, Mesa side saddle and SpeedFeed stock on mine. It's served me well, and yours will serve you well for many years to come.

01-02-2011, 09:31
Thanks guys, I couldnt be happier with my purchase, I havent been able to find a flaw. would love to get the knoxx stock next, after that I don't know what to do?