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View Full Version : So I volquarten'd my 22/45.... thanks to my wife!

12-27-2010, 16:41
Holy crap this thing rocks!

My wife ordered me this for christmas

The install was alot easier that I thought it would be and the trigger is now amazing!

For those that dont have the link <---- great link for us with ruger pistols

12-27-2010, 17:27
As on my last 10/22,.....the trigger got much better after about 500 rounds.

Jason D
12-27-2010, 18:20
If this is the MKIII version of the 22/45. You may want to consider pulling out the magazine disconnect and replacing the hammer bushing with a Clark bushing.

It takes most of the creep out of the trigger.

01-15-2011, 22:03
I took the mag release out of mine and replaced the bushing with a mkII one....and added a volquartsen sear. It made a world of difference on the mkIII 22/45 pistol trigger, it is the gun I shoot pins with.

Jason D
01-16-2011, 16:06
Just added junk in the gun is all.
It also eliminates the magazine step during disassembly