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12-27-2010, 20:09
Thinking about picking one of these up sometime this year. Just wondering what I should expect to pay for one. This will be my first AR and will mostly be used for Range fun. Anything else I should be looking at instead at this price range? I see a Colt LE is about $1200. Good deal?

Again, just looking for something for range fun that is reliable and accurate and that can be used should the SHTF, however I don't plan on taking it into a warzone so doesn't have to be something on par with what one would use over in Iraq or Afganistan, etc.

Just looking for some friendly advice.

12-27-2010, 20:22
If you want the best gun for the money I would highly recommend a complete Stag lower and a BCM upper of your choice. Colt like quality at a price that is much better.