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12-28-2010, 04:30
Anyone tried the new savage edge or axis or whatever new name they have for it ? Thanks.........:supergrin:

12-31-2010, 13:11
Yep, I have one in .308. The trigger sucks but with a few minor modifications it can be taken down to tolerable levels. I paid $269 out the door for mine, so even if it isn't a tack driver, it is going to be a good gun. Will probably be taking it pig hunting in Oklahoma this spring.

12-31-2010, 17:34
Savages are like the redhead stepchild of the rifle world. I never seen one of these models, but if they are built like my former and current savage rifles, then you should get some good action out of them. I had a model 10 that was going to be rebarrelled project, but later sold it to fund another project and for the love of god, wish I had kept that thing. My 22WMR is still kicking and working great but magazines are hard to find and aren't very cheap at that when you find them.

Too bad, Savages aren't picked up with any real strength by a major chain or outlet, or by any police or spec-military group, but I did see Savages in use by the Mexico Policia Federal ( Federales ), and I thought that was surprising.

If they ( savage ) where more widely known and used, then I would think they could be farther off than where they are now.

In wraps, where as remington and winchester has branched into numerous arena from a ammo maker, shotgun, levers, and various rifles, Savage Arms has pretty much been a rifle ONLY business for the most part.

I will caution you on this, Savage repair and post sales support is not as good as remington when it comes to turn around. So if you for see problems or have a issues, this could be a #1 complaint imho

01-03-2011, 04:13
Shooter thanks. Noway I was asking about the edge but thank you also bro !