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12-28-2010, 14:54
I've wanted to get a trigger guage for years now. I finally went ahead and ordered one about a week ago, and it came today.

Here are the pulls for my two 1911s... I once sent my Ed Brown back to get re-bead blasted, and the gun came back with a slightly lighter trigger. It feels just a touch too light for a carry gun. The trigger on my Custom Springer feels just about perfect.

So, one of these days I'll have them alter the trigger on the Special Forces - or if I ever order another Ed Brown, I guess I'll ask them to make the trigger around 4lb 5oz to 4lb 8oz (4.5 lbs)


(10 pulls for each trigger, and then the avg)

Ed Brown 5" Special Forces 1911 45ACP (687 Rounds thru gun): 3lb 10.3oz; 3lb 10.2oz; 3lb 14.1oz; 3lb 15.8oz; 3lb 13.4oz; 3lb 10.9oz; 3lb 11.0oz; 3lb 12.2oz; 3lb 14.1oz - AVG 3lb 12.6oz

Springfield Custom Shop 9mm Full Rail Operator (1175 Rounds thru gun): 4lb 8.3oz; 4lb 4.5oz; 4lb 6.1oz; 4lb 2.2oz; 4lb 1.2oz; 4lb 8.2oz; 4lb 3.5oz; 4lb 6.7oz; 4lb 7.1oz; 4lb 8.9oz - AVG 4lb 5.6oz

Here are some trigger pull weights for my 92FS with D spring and skeletonized hammer, M9A1 with D spring, and an unmodified 90-Two 9mm, along with some other guns listed...

Just some info for anyone interested:

92FS in Single Action with D Spring (3000 rounds thru gun): 4lb 9.8oz; 4lb 15.0 oz; 4lb 9.8oz; 4lb 10.7oz; 4lb 10.5 oz; 4lb 10.9oz; 4lb 9.8oz; 4lb 7.9oz; 4lb 9.4oz; 4lb 10.8oz - AVG 4lb 10.4oz

92FS in Double Action with D Spring (3000 rounds thru gun): 8lb 1oz; 8lb 0oz; 8lb 3.0oz; 8lb 6oz; 8lb 2.0oz; 7lb 12.5oz; 8lb 12.5oz; 8lb 7.0oz; 8lb 4.5oz - AVG 8lb 3.5oz

M9A1 in Single Action with D Spring (311 Rounds thru gun): 4lb 12.8oz; 4lb 9.1oz; 4lb 11.9oz; 4lb 11.4oz; 4lb 10.2oz; 4lb 9.8oz; 4lb 6.5oz; 4lb 10.6oz; 4lb 11.7 oz; 4lb 11.4oz - AVG 4lb 10.6oz

M9A1 in Double Action with D Spring (311 Rounds thru gun): 8lb 13.5oz; 8lb 14.0oz; 8lb 15.0 oz; 8lb 10.0oz; 8lb 10.0oz; 8lb 2.0oz; 8lb 9.0oz; 8lb 13.0oz; 8lb 7.0oz; 8lb 8.5oz- AVG 8lb 10.5oz

90-Two 9mm in Single Action - No modifications (547 Rounds thru gun): 5lb 8.5oz; 5lb 4.5oz; 5lb 7.5oz; 5lb 3.0oz; 5lb 1.0oz; 5lb 2.0oz; 5lb 3.0oz; 5lb 2.0oz; 5lb 3.0oz; 5lb 3.0oz - AVG 5lb 4.0oz

90-Two 9mm in Double Action - No modifications (547 Rounds thru gun): 11lb 0.5oz; 11lb 5.5oz; 11lb 3.5oz; 11lb 9.5oz; 11lb 11.5oz; 11lb 12.5oz; 11lb 5.0oz - AVG 11lb 7.0oz

Kahr PM9 (498 Rounds thru gun): 6lb 2.0oz; 6lb 3.0oz; 5lb 13.0oz; 5lb 12.0oz; 5lb 15.0oz; 6lb 4.9oz; 5lb 10.0oz; 6;b 9.0oz; 6lb 11.0oz; 5lb 14.5oz - AVG 6lb 1.0oz

Hk P2000 9mm in Double Action (457 Rounds thru gun): 11lb 9.0oz; 11lb 4.0oz; 11lb 6.0oz; 11lb 6.0oz; 11lb 6.0oz; 11lb 5.5oz; 11lb 2.5oz; 10lb 15.0oz; 10lb 14.0 oz; 11lb 8.5oz - AVG 11lb 4.5oz

Hk P2000 9mm in Single Action (457 Rounds thru gun): 5lb 5.5oz; 5lb 2.5oz; 4lb 15.4oz; 5lb 0.0oz; 5lb 7.0oz; 5lb 7.5oz; 4lb 13.4oz; 4lb 15.0oz; 4lb 12.6oz; 4lb 14.3oz - AVG 5lb 1.5oz

12-28-2010, 14:56
my EB is 3.5#'s

12-28-2010, 15:41
my EB is 3.5#'s

What model do you have again? I forget...

To me, the weight is just a LITTLE too light for carry.

Drestin Black
12-28-2010, 17:18
you can adjust the pull weight easily using the sear spring. Sounds like it would not take much.

Bend the center disconnector toward the trigger bow very slightly till you get what you want.

12-28-2010, 17:33
As it is such an expensive gun, I'll likely let someone who knows what they are doing mess with it. But thanks for the info.

Brown already told me they would adjust it for free - as I may send it in to be refinished in Gen 3 - I just haven't decided yet