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12-29-2010, 14:43
We reached a balmy 34 degrees today so we went shooting.

Zonny I finally shot the Beretta 3901RL Target. I can't believe it's a 12 ga
shotgun! It is very pleasant to shoot, and I actually hit a few birds! I love
it! Thanks to you and the others for the good advice.

Santa brought me a Savage MK II (.22LR) with a scope. I've been wanting a
magazine fed .22 for small game hunting and the range. I love it too. It was
fairly easy to sight in and after a short time all in the black!

We also picked up a Romanian trainer (.22LR) recently so we took it too.
The old girl is as accurate with iron sights as the savage with the scope.
Old guns are so nice.

There was a grandpa and grandma at the 25 yd range with their young grandsons. The real little guy had a 'chipmunk' smaller than a cricket (?)
and the other young man was out for the first time with a beautiful
Winchester 67. It was one of the prettiest 67's I've seen. Grandpa had been
saving it for several years. Grandma and Grandpa told us they have been hunting deer and bear together for over 42 years!

It was a perfect day!

12-29-2010, 20:24
:thumbsup: I'm so glad you've found a place in your heart for the Beretta. It was my first shotgun purchase (and experience) and I'm still very happy with it.

Sounds like you had a great 'range day'.