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12-29-2010, 22:10

I have shot my G35 and G19 in IDPA and Speed Steel, non-sanctioned. The G35 seems to dip when the slide returns to battery, even with a 15lb recoil spring. The G19 seems to buck a little more than I would like when the slide reaches full recoil. I'm looking at installing a G17 complete upper on my G35 frame. Is there a big enough weight difference between the G35,G17/22,G19 slides to effect the felt recoil and cycling?

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P.S. Anna in customer service was a great help when a certain delivery company lost my order.

12-30-2010, 17:36
The G35 weighs 22.92 and the G19 weighs 20.99 oz. The G17 weighs 22.04 (not quite in the middle).
BTW: Weight is not the big issue here. You are comparing the recoil characteristics of a 40 with a 9 and drawing a conclusion that is most likely going to disappoint you.